Pet Walk '12

This weekend we did the BAHS annual Pet Walk.

We were going to take both dogs,

but Apple ended up going into heat (finally) 
and there was no way she was going to be 
a good candidate for a huge dog walk.

Yuki was glad to attend. 

Much to our surprise, your Daddy joined us as well!

You were so proud to have your pug doug with you.

She did SO well. 

YOU did very well, yourself on your first 5K walk!

We thought we would certainly be carrying you and Yuki by the end.

But not one bit. You both drove on straight through the finish.

It was a really nice walk for all of us,
and we helped raise some money for our little furry friends.

Pug pretended she was pooped. But she really wasn't.
Her pink piggies were just making her feel a bit diva-ish. :)

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