Pool Time

After a bit of a downer day, Saturday,
and predicted temps into the 90s for Sunday, 
we decided we needed to get you a little water action for your own yard.

Of course, your Dad wanted us to fork out the big bucks, 
have a hole dug into the side yard, and order an 18 foot, year round
pool to be delivered and installed ASAP!

Thanks to Mommy we still have all our savings intact. :)

And you have an EIGHT foot, easy set pool, 
that only took us about three hours to put up, 
including the leveling of the ground and the hour it took to fill. 

It was well worth the sweat equity when we were finished.
The two of us sat back in our lawn chairs with our ice cream shakes
and giggled at how happy you were, how cute you are, and all the 
funny oh-so-boy things you say when you're playing. 

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