So far your summer has been a blast. 
Lots of playing with Jay, swimming, running,
enjoying your last weeks with Sarita,
summer school, bowling, movies, 
events, and get togethers.

You don't play with Henry anymore.
But the two of you meet once in a while, 
he in his woods across the street
and you in yours. 
You'll talk a nice while,
and then you'll come up to the house
to declare that you've had a great talk with Hen. :)

You are still into spies and cats. 
Spy cats, usually. 
Or super ninja spy cats.

You want your room redone again. 
Well, not exactly. You love the walls.
You want a new bed. The house isn't doing it for you anymore.
You sleep onto of the house on your twin mattress,
but now you want to be able to 
fit underneath your bed, standing. 

Uncle Robert is going to come and help your Daddy 
build you a cool fort-like loft bed.
This will be the LAST room change 
you will get for awhile. 

You and I are still in karate together. 
We go on Monday nights. 
It's been really good.

You also still do private riding lessons at Linda's.
You've just started showing a trust and interest 
in riding Gwin when we go out to see her together.

I am enjoying your smothering cuddly
sweet loving nature toward me.
Everyday after school we snuggle up
on the couch and I read to you.

You're still my little boy.
Long and independent as you are growing.

We haven't been going to Church a lot, again.
I've been watching it live online,
and you and I have been reading 
the kids versions of 
The Case for Christ
The Case for Faith
Max Lucado's
He Chose the Nails

The squirrels are gone, 
the days are hot,
the evening walks are cool.

We're making the most of our time,
and I'm trying hard not to let any of it 
pass us by unnoticed.

We are grateful for all that we have.

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