First Day

Today was a special day for you.
Your first day of Summer School!!!!

We woke up early (on purpose), ate breakfast, GOT DRESSED, 
and headed out the door around 7:25am. 

At school, we ran into some friends of ours right away. 

Inside, we were surprised to see even MORE people we know.
Jaymee, Alyssa, Trevor, Abby, and some girls from karate class
all attend the same summer school as you.

I walked you all around the school.
We found your classes.
We picked up your snack bag.
We selected the place where we would meet after school
when I would pick you up.

Then we went to your first class. 
You found your name at your seat. 
You were SO excited. 
It was adorable! 

I took a picture of your class as I headed out the door for home. 

At home I was bored without you. 
Sure I had plenty to do, but I never realized how boring 
things are without you around. 

Sometimes I have one day without you, 
and I take good advantage of it. 
But this is different. 
I know I'm going to have DAYS ON END
with no Nibbys to play with... I don't know what I'll do with myself.

When I was FINALLY able to pick you up from school, 
we went straight to shopko down the road for a back pack for you 
to take to school and keep your papers and snacks in from class to class. 

It was so cute the way you knew just what kind of pack you wanted
because "all the kids have them, Mom."

We got delicious pizza- half my favorite, half your favorite - and then went home!

At home we ate pizza and shakes by the pool. 
Then you swam like crazy. For hours. 

You even took some pizza in the pool with you! 

I tilled my garden, moved some plants around, planted some new stuff, 
made a row for flowers and planted those seeds, painted rocks to label 
the garden rows, and watered it all down before we had to pack it up
and head off to karate. 

Karate was GOOD. And on the way home I stopped to 
take care of Uncle Jeff's place for him. 
While I was feeding, putting out dogs, tucking them 
into their room for the night, feeding, watering, and tucking in 
the chickens, chicks,and goats in the barn, 
you FELL ASLEEP in the Jeep!

Once home, I was able to carry you in, 
lay you in my bed, change you into your pjs,
and tuck you in without you getting up! 
That has not happened since you were a baby!

It was just that good of a day. 
I can't wait to do it all again tomorrow! 

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