RUNNING? What Next!?

I can't believe that today we bought you a pair of size four running shoes. 
I know that you were wearing a size three when we bought you 
your last pair of tennis shoes, 
but I guess I never thought about what that meant 
for your ever growing feet! 

SIZE FOUR. Wow, you're getting big!

Although you own about 15 pair of flip flops, 
because (like me) that is all you wear as soon as 
the last drop of snow melts for the year, 
we had to find you a pair of "running shoes" because you have been running
This as a outstanding and unexpected for me 
as you being a size four at age six.

It all started when you asked if you could run to Uncle Jeff's house 
(we have been taking care of his home and farm animals 
while he's been recovering from another bike accident) 

I told you that you could run, but that I would not be running to Uncle's. 
So I followed you in the Jeep. 
This is pretty easy to do because Uncle's house is only .7 miles 
from our house, and the two roads we travel between us 
are country roads with not many cars on them.

The first day I thought nothing of your run. 
It was cute, and I was grateful you were getting the exercise. 
You only made it about .4 miles before you asked 
if you could climb into the Jeep for the rest of the trip.

The second day, which was yesterday, you asked again. 
I agreed and followed you in the Jeep. 
You only made it about .4 miles again, and then you were back in the Jeep.
Only this time, you asked to run home from Uncle's 
after we'd tucked all the animals in for the night.

You ran the entire .7 miles home! 
In flip flops! 
In 80 degree weather!

You were so happy when you got to the house. 
I thought FOR sure you would go right to sleep after brushing your teeth. 
But for some reason it actually livened you up, 
and you couldn't sleep at all. You stayed awake until 10pm! 
(Aunt Julie said this is exactly what happens to her when she runs.)

Tonight, with your adorable new, size four running shoes strapped on, 
you ran in just your shorts, high 80 degrees again, 
from the house to the corner, 
from that corner to the corner on the other end of our street, 
then back to the first corner. 
Then we went to Uncles, tucked everyone in, and you ran all the way home. This gave you a total of 2.1 miles!!!

Aunt Julie told me to make sure to get photos and video 
of you running so she could see how cute you are. 
She invited us to do a 5K Thursdays with her, Alexis and Jaymee 
at the YMCA beginning the last weekend of this month through summer. 
We are IN! 
I will be walking with Alexis while the rest of you 
run, run, run together!!!

I know you are proud to be running because 

your Pepere, Aunt Julie, and Uncle Jeff are all big time runners. 
Little do you know yet that 
Aunt Michelle, Uncle Eric, Miss Emily and Miss Amber 
are all in on this sport too! :)
I'm so happy for you. It's great that you like running.

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