Flying High

When I watch your legs running along side the road, so long and fast, 
I can't help but remember when your Dad and I first saw 
your little leg and foot in the 3D ultrasound during my pregnancy. 

That leg and foot almost spoke to me on the screen. 
They looked so good and strong and meaningful. 
They really stood out to me. I remember thinking, 
"that is the leg and foot that will help carry my son throughout his life." 

I remember dreaming about one day witnessing them 
take their first independent steps... and later seeing them move you swiftly...
and even later watching them bend and throw you upward 
toward the sky as you jumped high. 

I'm proud that you have taken up running. 
Not because I need you to run, but because you are strong. 
Your heart, your mind, and those beautiful strong legs and feet... 
I pray they will always serve you well, 
helping you fly higher and farther than we've even dreamed for you. 

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