Birthday Tradition

Today was your Dad's 42nd Birthday. 
He picked you up from your art lesson at Nanna's,
and brought you home to begin your traditional 
scavenger hunt together!!!

It started at the mailbox,
which contained birthday cards
and your first clue.

This year, I was able to make the hunt
a little more difficult,
since you are another year older and smarter.

It was so much fun to watch you first find all the clues
to each riddle, and then solve them to find the next.

There were jokes, riddles, clues, and problem solving.

The clues were spread out between all three levels of the house.

And there were gifts for each of you at each clue site.

From your favorite snacks, to glow sticks, masks and balloons.
There were many new chapter books for you,
and even a black light art studio! 

It took you and your Dad about an hour to complete.

Your favorite clue was in the spare bedroom, upstairs.

There were MANY balloons, and in each balloon 
there was one word of the puzzle. 

You and your Dad had to break every balloon and 
decipher the code. :)

It was another great success,
and I'm so glad to have this fun tradition
well underway.

I know we will enjoy it for years to come. :)

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