Christmas goodness

There are so many fun Christmasy things going on in the new house. Now that I'm almost finished I have the time I've been hoping on...and it's turning up to feel like boredom. Of course. :)

I'm going to put in some photos of our winter wonderland decorating to remember:

New Colors

Zeek's Tree Trimming

Homemade (cheep girl) Trees

Blizzard Alison
(Pretty much the first snow of the year brought about 14 inches!!!)

the angel

The Bird

Silver Branch Boughs

Over the Kitchen Sink

Unplanned but too good to pass up

The Planned and Very Intentional, BH&G Inspired, Branch Tree in a Vase

The Hand Painted Deer

The New Tree
(finally finished)

The Wreath As We Found It
(this was in the attic above the garage when we moved in.
when i asked if you would sit by it for me to take a photo of how big it was you said, "with pleasure".)

After and Hanging
(i squeezed you so tight and cried when i saw this hanging for the first time.
we are so blessed and it just gets better and better.)

My First Decorated Wreaths

The Mantel

The Easy Way Out
(gift wrap)