good ol' saturday

Today was such a normal day. Just the kind of day you hear about regular people having. It was nice. I wonder if that happens more often when Jaymee is here. It seems so. And if so, that it is falling right in line with my theory that I'm a "two kid Mom".

Anyway, Greg and I had a healthy disagreement this morning and then he agreed to go out for awhile and do something for himself. :)

I made Natalie's Christmas gift (a framed jewelry holder thing like mine) while the kids watched Lady and the Tramp with popcorn (after french toast and bananas for breakfast).

Then Greg came home with some beautiful flowers for me. The first flowers I've ever gotten from Greg that I actually loved. They really did make me feel better. In general. He said he was sorry (though I was just as wrong as him this morning) and we laughed and carried on. He also bought himself a cute little peevy practice amp. for the house.

He played that and shortly after he began Teri, the neighbor lady came over. She invited us to come sledding with her two boys at her place. They have an awesome hill. We sled and visited. I photographed their family for their Christmas card.

Then we all went into their home for the kids to continue playing and the Mamas to talk. The kids had hot cocoa and banana bread. Oh, and some of the sugar cutout cookies we brought over for them. :)

The kids went off to play and Zeek and Jay returned about 20 minutes later, crying. Henry, their youngest son (who has a sensory disorder and some social issues we are all aware of) had punched them both! Jay in the back of the neck and Zeek right square in the nose! :(

Zeek was hilarious. He was SO mad that he was yelling through his tears, "I don't like that kid anymore! I never want to play with him again! He punched me right in the face! who punches someone in the face? i have never been punched in the face! my face HURTS! and now i want to punch him in the face so HIS face hurts TOO!"

So we held in our laughter at his hysterics and dealt with the issue. It was fine. We all apologized and forgave and moved on. Home that is. Where we all ate some hearty meaty spaghetti and cold milk. Then Zeek and Jay went out to play in the snow hills made by the plow guy. I went out and enclosed the screened porch in heavy plastic.

We all came in together after dark, the kids played games and had a night snack. Then I bored them to sleep reading BabyZeek.com, and I am off to do another art project and watch Julie Julia. Or whatever it's called. Greg has a guy flick for himself that he's going to watch in the theater.

Good, fun, usual day. :)
Thank You God.