Christmas Time

When we were little we couldn't WAIT for Christmas. And it never came fast enough.
Now, I can't believe it is all going to beginning in just five days!!!

And it's a good thing, because I need all five days to clean this palace after what I've put it through in decorating, wrapping, arts, crafts, playing and baking over the past three weeks! :)
It is a mess.

On Monday, Jen is coming over in the afternoon to have mama's night with me. I can't wait!
On Tuesday, I will clean like a psycho and Zeek will go to playschool in the afternoon for some reprieve from the insanity and chemical stench in his home.
On Wednesday, I will prepare the house for the big LeBreck Family "Christmas Eve" Gathering!! :)
On Thursday, my Mom and Rick fly in and I will hopefully have found a good fun Church to take them to for that night.
My brother should arrive that day as well! :)
Then, real Christmas Eve, then Day, and the weekend together.

It's crazy quickly approaching. And I'm crazy excited!!!