Zeek said:

"I want to eat something perfishous" (yes, he got the makin'-up-words gene from his Mama)

"These pants are quite falling off my body."

"I found something mysterious, and I know how it happened."

just sitting at the table, eating his breakfast:
"I can’t wait to see souls...human souls. I can’t wait to see Nemo again. And his soul."

me: I just want to eat you up!
zeek: don’t eat me. I have blood in my body. And I’ll rain it on you if you eat me!

"Yum this is quite fantastic."

"I wish we had a machine that threw out chocolate at your face so you could gulp it."

Greg shaved his long goatie this morning and Zeeks said,
"Now when santa sees him he will say that he has no beard, having no beard, that is to say, beardless."

On Saturday, December 12th, 2009 you were punched in the face for the first time. :( Our neighbor boy did it. He has a sensory disorder and he has some issues with the way he chooses to express himself. You wanted a foosball from him. He didn't want you to have it. 
You're reaction was so sad and funny all at once. You came to me crying and yelling,
"he PUNCHED me in the FACE! I have NEVER been punched in the FACE! Who punches someone in the face? Now my face HURTS! I want to PUNCH him in the FACE. I want his face to hurt, too!"

It honestly reminded me a little too much of how you reacted when Nemo bit you. You're such a verbal processor, and I'm glad that it appalls you when you have been hurt. Poor thing. I think I was 19 the first time I was punched in the FACE. :( 

You've always been a little ahead of the game.