zeek talk

Mom. You can have as many babies as you want. You can have 100 if you want. Because I love babies now. I even love elijah! Can you believe it!?

me: I just want to eat you alive!
zeek: no mom, I don’t want to go back into your tummy! Then you would have to poop me out like a giant poop! Right?

zeek: I wish I had a (cat) tail.
me: I know you do. I wish I had a maid.
zeek: I know you do.
me: I think you should be my maid.
zeek: I can’t.
me: why not?
zeek: I’m too young to have a baby.
me: maids don’t have your baby, they clean your house.
zeek: well, I’m too young to be a mate.

We were making bean people for art, and I said,
“I think this one will be the baby”
Zeek leaned over my art to watch me color the baby bean and he said,
“why are you such impressed with babies, mom?”