Gra and Pepere

Zeek and Gra were talking about the beach when he reminded her, “one time a considerable wave came”.

"I have a speak-up-anator in my head. ARE YOU HUNGRY JAYMEE!!!?"

I don't know how she does it. Plays with him endlessly in whatever he wants. His bossing and gloating are not spared from even her. And still she just plays and plays and plays. It has to be because she doesn't see him as much, because we are living apart. I know I can't play like that. :)

We are having a wonderful visit. As always. Scrabble games, coffee, cheeses, cookies, "play play", lego building, football games...
It always feels good to have them here. There's something stabling and grounding about having my Mom with me. It's a good reality check for me when she comes. I wish I could feel that way all the time. Like no matter what happens it's going to be okay. Today, and in the long run. That I am okay.

I love that it still doesn't feel like Christmas is over and done, yet. I'm not sure what of it continues, but I always feel like packing up the decorations and moving on the day after. In this house the windows look like huge live pictures of winter woods (one of my favorite things after rainy day woods, morning woods, and foggy summer woods). It feels SO beautiful and wintery wonderful, like a good hot cocoa or woolen mittens.

So we'll stay this way awhile longer. Maybe we can buy some more presents and open them. :)
Or at least keep the cookies, stews, chilis, sledding and sparkles coming.

However, I AM SO OVER CHRISTMAS MUSIC THIS YEAR. That I can live without. ;)