cutout cookies

Well, the list is down to about four things. And it's been a really fun week so far. Zeek has done a great job with his schoolwork each day. We have enjoyed Christmas music and stories (mostly of Zeek's telling). He got to squirt shaving cream all over the patio window in the kitchen and play in it. We played outside for a couple of hours on a warmer day. And he did some fun Christmas art including making our name tag art for our gifts. He chose a tree with ornaments, and I shrunk and printed it to make about 20. They are adorable.

I did have to call him in at playschool both of his days this week. :( He's been running a low grade fever, more off than on, complaining of a head ache and sore throat, coughing, and almost lost his voice yesterday!!! It sounds worse than it's been. It's nothing that could stopped him.
But he does have a doctor's appointment this morning to have his ears checked out. Just to be sure.

Among the festive Christmas activities has been the cutout cookies, of course. And I think I'm the one whose done the MOST eating of them since! :)

Zeek was so good at helping make them. Mixing, measuring, cracking eggs... he was disapointed when I had to do the rolling because the dough was a mess to work with! But a messy dough did not a bad cookie make. They are still delicious! :)

Merry Merry Christmas Cookies.