I'm not jumping into anything. But I am slowly and prayerfully moving into what seems to be a new season and stage for us. I knew something was up, and we are SO ready for it.

I'm falling in love with homeschooling all over again. I'm learning so much about our endless possibilities. I'm getting more and more excited, looking forward to what we are setting off to do over the next 14 years together.

I'm starting to realize that (just like my Mom has always said) Zeek's smarts have a lot to do with his circumstances. The fact that I am here with him always. That we make learning fun of everything we do. That he is so thoroughly taken care of in every way.
I'm also starting to see that along those lines, and others, having an "only child" does have it's advantages, and I'm ready to leave my pity party and start celebrating our life.  

We have decided to take Zeek out of the play/pre school. It is time to steer back in the direction of what we believe and what we feel is right for us at this time. There are so many things that we could/should be doing in our position. So much to explore and be a part of. We are grateful that he did play school. It has been good for him. He has grown so much in it. We have all learned so much from it and are grateful to the wonderful hardworking teachers who took such good care of him while he was there.

Zeek has been asking to play soccer again for...ever, and we are looking into where and when he will be able to start.
We also joined an AMAZING mom's group that we met with today for the second time this week. They are incredible. This is parts of the intro on their website:

(We are) a parenting playgroup that combines small age specific home groups, family weekend events, Mom's night outs, and larger events for kids of all ages within a safe Christian environment for kids and parents to learn and grow in their relationship with God and eachother.
This is an environment where it is ok to talk about God if you want to, where there will be others that understand and want to hear about what He is doing in your life, where community will be built, and our kids can grow with the foundation we are comanded to raise them with...

...We hope in this environment we can encourage, teach, learn, grow, build relationships, and watch our cherrished gifts, our children laugh, play, and learn together. 

I mean, HELLO! Does it get better than this? 
Well, it turns out, after the amazing time we have spent with this group, IT DOES!!! They are incredible. Their vision for the group, the community aspect of unity and whole family involvement, the behavior and expectation of the adorable well guided children, the calm and relaxed, open and loving embrace is unbelievable. AND the majority of them are homeschoolers!!!!  
We had high hopes, but I never expected this. 

I have also never seen my son so at ease. He approached kids, talked with them, made up plans and did things with them. He laughed and played and behaved and didn't get hit or threatened or hear any trash talk or bad words. He even played with a 10 month old baby on his own! He was doing peek-a-boo and laughing with her! I had to check his head for a fever more than once. :)

I'm so pleased to have a refreshing new path in front of us. It feels so good and right, and that's saying a lot these days. 

Thank You God for putting up with me. Always.