at the drive-in

I remember my Mom and Dad taking me and my brother 
to the drive-in movie theater when we were little. 

I don't remember much more about it. 
Only my Mom cutting tomato slices at the 
kitchen counter as she packed up our dinner to go, 
and sleeping bags set for me and my brother to sleep in the car 
I'm assuming during a second, more adult movie. ???      


When you and I went for your first time last week 
we set up a snugly bed in the back of the Jeep for you to do the same. 

We hung the Ipad in the back window so you could watch something else 
during the second, more adult movie and hopefully, fall asleep.

The kid's movie being featured was your current favorite:

You were pretty surprised when you got to meet a REAL LIVE Marmaduke
on the theater grounds. He was ADORABLE (and so was his family).


You and I enjoyed dinner at their restaurant.
You played miniature golf for your first time, too.

For the movie, we laid on the hood of the Jeep with blue blankie and the pug.
The atmosphere was really awesome with people sprawled out 
all over their cars, with their kids and their dogs, many wearing pajamas.
I just love small towns. :)

After Marmaduke you and the pug cuddled into the Jeep
to watch Daddy Car while I sat outside and watched Knight and Day.
You were sleeping in the first 15 minutes. 

It was 12:37 am when we pulled into our driveway. 
One seriously late date night for you. :)


I loved it and can't wait to do it again soon.
Next time with your Daddy, too.

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  1. Wow, that last picture is the cutest!!! I love his little face with those expressive eyebrows!!! That sure looked like a fun day, and the Great Dane just frosted the cake!
    Love Gra