take two

This wasn't supposed to happen to me. I had it down pat. I took the time, did the research, made a million adjustments, then took more time tweaking and combining and making just right. 

But everyone who does it says it's an ever evolving, just as much learning and growing for the teacher, flexible, changing process... this homeschooling business we're into. 

So I laid the last straw of my ever-widening portfolio of saying dumb things I never wanted to say to you. I looked you in the frustrated, discouraged, disappointed, pitiful face and I broke down crying. You sweetly offered me a hair tie as a gift to see if it would help. 
I held you tight and promised you "no more!" 

I know you're smart, but once and for all I'm asking myself why we are doing a first grade curriculum? You're just about to turn FIVE! 
And maybe other people thought the same thing and just knew better than to tell me, because I always learn faster and better on my own... 
and maybe some people just thought "wow, that's great that they are so far ahead having done kindergarten last year." 

But the truth is, I want you to LOVE school. To look forward to it everyday. To be encouraged by your successes and courageous in the face of your struggles. 

I do NOT want you to begrudge learning, to be hateful, to feel wiped out or afraid to move forward. 

So we're putting the first grade curriculum aside and taking out the full Kindergarten pack. I know that it will be a lot of review. But that will be better for you than going too fast, or struggling in your first real year.    

It's easy, it's fun-packed, it leaves lots of time for real homeschooling away from the table, and most importantly, you will feel great about yourself and learning when the year is over. 

My apologies, son.   
I'm a little slow sometimes. ;)

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