your own photography:


I downloaded the photos of the past couple months from your camera before we left for camp last weekend.

This photographer mommy loves to see what you see, 
through your eyes, through the lens of a camera. 

I love when you set the timer so you can take a picture of yourself. 


Or, as seen here, of you and Jaymee. 


Apparently, poor Guinea plays the "guinea pig" in every sense of the word.

I have to guess you picked this up from me- 
ducking out the front door to get a photo of the front yard in rain.  

The Yook, from your perspective. 

This is a photo of your wallet leaned up against your beatbox car.
I wonder if you staged this or if it just happened, perfect.


And all these car photos with all the different "backgrounds" are great!
A photographer/stylist in the making.


And THIS! :)
One picture with Steve's ear down
and then another with it up. ???

This is one of my all time favorites of yours. 
With my camera in the frame, AND you.
Too cute.

It's fun to see your work.
I hope you always keep your creative, uninhibited perspective.


I love you, my sweet.


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  1. YOU ROCK, Zeek! Awesome pictures!!! Love you, Auntie Pam