say what?

You've taken really well to the structure of schedule again. It seems to calm and fill you. We've set up a magnetic star chart with a list of things for you to do each day. We're working on discipline among other responsibilities. 

Your chart isn't about chores. It's things like making your bed, bathing, brushing your teeth, feeding your pets, etc... 


You have also been plugging away at earning the money to pay for new ottomans. 

I have been noticing you here and there, so big and capable... standing, sitting, working in our home, through our space, of our life. I still do a double take followed by a stare of disbelief. It's still hard to believe you're real. 

You were a promise from a God I didn't know enough to fully trust quite yet. 
Then you were a speck floating around in a place we couldn't monitor or protect you from. 
Then a squishy grunty infant with no skills or abilities. 
Then you walked and talked and looked for things. Looked for answers and ways.
Now your picking up sticks in the yard and wheeling the barrow to the fire pit by yourself. So strong and independent.        


And you're funny. And sweet. And full of life and character and energy. 

I bought the majority of your fall/winter clothes while I was shopping alone a few weeks ago. I did have your specific list of requests for jogging pant and t-shirt materials only, with no buttons, snaps, zippers or "swishing" fabric of any sort. Surprisingly, you approved of everything I brought home.

I also took you to The Children's Place the following Friday for one last peek in hopes of finding a couple more long sleeve tops. You picked out somethings that I would never have put you in otherwise. But I reminded myself these are your clothes and you are the one who has to wear them. 
Then your found the crazy red and black thermal striped top that you insisted you were IN LOVE with. I tried a couple of tactics to dissuade you from it, but you were relentless. Finally, I gave in...

Me: You really want this?
You: YES!
Me: You're going to wear it?
You: YES!
Me: Okay, put it in the pile.
You: Yea! Just wait until you see me at home, rockin' this bad boy right away! 


You: Mom can I watch this lady bug show?
Me: I think I'm going to take you to a movie...
You: MOM. Can I watch this ladybug one right now?
Me: I have to call nori first, though...
You: Mom.
Me: ...oh! I'm so sorry! Yes! Yes, watch the ladybug show.

And lastly, your made up words have been awesome lately. Unfortunately I only wrote down one: Disgruntable

Completely in context if it were a word. Used as the dog cringed and snorted over the flailing and cracking of your new plastic sword. 

"Yuki really is disgruntable about they way I play with my toys."

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