a teensy deflated

You know that movie that everyone talked up into the clouds
so much so that when you finally got to the theater to see it
you couldn't help but to be a little disapointed?

Welcome to our first day of school. 

Realistically, it's not possible for it to have been as exciting as we'd hoped it would be. 
With no fireworks, carnival rides, wonders of the world, or bears in tu-tus on unicycles...
it really was just an ordinary school-ish morning of (kind of boring) introduction and review. 

Rather than math, Bible, or science, you decided it would be more fun to learn things like: 

do I REALLY have to do this? 
What if I change my mind?  
How many breaks can I get, and can I push my Mom to give me more?
If I stare at the clock for an hour will she just give up?  
Can't we at least, like, have snacks while we're doing this? 

And the longest list I checked off was the one that contained everything I decided wouldn't be healthy to say to my little student this year.

Sit down in that seat and pay attention, right now! 

Do I need to take the clock off the wall, 
or can you stop counting the minutes? 

You know, I can get a job and have more money. 
Our district hasn't even started school yet this year. 

No, you cannot color the entire 
second day of creation in black marker. 

The sooner you get this done 
the sooner we can move on you know

If you'd like me to call the superintendent of the S___ school system right now,
I'm sure I can get you a seat on that school bus! 

Oh boy. 

At least we finished and we're both alive. 

We DID enjoy a fun math game with your favorite cats. 
You did ask to do more lessons in a couple of classes.
And our first day of school pictures went very well. 

There's always tomorrow. :) 


  1. I LOVE the first day of school pictures!!! And I love the write up you did... too cute about the check list. At least you didn't have to deal with a crying scene at the bus stop or the tears after school when the other kids picked on him for something or other! Great job, I can't wait to hear more about it!
    Love Mom

  2. again, you never cease to amaze me. ;)
    i just know you rocked it. stay strong, sister.

  3. Oh my gracious, I am catching up on your life, now that I have a bit of a breather, and this made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I LOVE it. I've said those things too. Just yesterday,in a moment of weakness I said, "If you don't want to do school with me, then we can find you another teacher down at the local school because it is against the law for you not to learn. I'm not going to jail cause you want to throw a fit." We all laughed at my absurdity, it broke the stale mate and we moved forward. Got to love this, every minute of the day. Love you mucho...