I don't know what to say. There's so much to say and so little that I could actually make sense of with words.

I've sat here, trying to write something fitting... anything. I can't. 
All I have are my journal entries:

Aug. 5, '10

I can't believe that tomorrow we are going to camp nabs. 
Me, Greg, and our son!
I'm SO looking forward to it. 
Just to be there. 
Having been there- girl.
Being now believer, wife, mother. 
Furthermore, to have this life- grown.
Amazing, God. 

Aug. 6

Here we are piled in the jeep. So little to take, but so much we are bringing.
I'm having that feeling again... the one I had when Zeek and I left for Ben and Nina's cabin. Oh, PLEASE let it be so.

I can't get past the horizon. It is brilliant that You choose blue to contrast green. Brilliant that You allow my floaty, cloudy, unpredictable, airy, "blue", fallen past to look so beautiful now against my drenched in You, grounded, thriving, richly soaked, blessed and fruitful, living Present.


Here we are at Camp Nan A Bo Sho.

Gadget is our counselor.
Hooked us up with our real cabin even though we had been assigned a room in the lodge. Praise God.

There are 12 families so far-
I believe 13 total after the last arrives tomorrow.

site n

Ours is here.

Our cabin with it's bed renovations. :)

Last night was priceless. 
-campfire and songs at sun set, lakeside 
-field soccer 
-promises of todays fun. 
I have such a list of memories from this place in the past. Today, they are adding up again.

Aug 7

The staff lounge cabin is still here. Blanca and Pook took me to see it after I disclosed enough info. to prove that I've been there. 

The writing is still on the walls. Untouched. All of it.
My name.
Pet and Pen.
Nit 1 pearl doop, camp nabs is the poop.
1 for you, 4 for me. Prozac snacks.
Are you in the GROUP?

They showed me.
They treasure this cabin and it's history. 
They were so eager with expectancy, eyes wide to hear what each of these mysteries stood for after all. 
They couldn't wait to get back to the others to tell-all. 

It was really something to be in that room again. To see how important it is, still. 
To hear about their games and secrets and all the MANY many things that have still carried on over the years. 
I couldn't help but wonder how.

It was magical. 

site n

--- Today we had breakfast with everyone at the tables. 
Zeek and I climbed the wall. 

After declaring to myself about 15 feet up that there was absolutely no way 
I would be climbing the whole 50 feet...


site n

site n

We played in the giant sand area, had lunch, napped, kayaked,
paddle boated, swam, visited... 



(Zeek's first time.)

zeek's first kayaking

we had dinner, played games, took showers -my first and Greg's 100th- 
then we went to campfire.
Now, we are going to SLEEP.

Aug 8.

Last night at campfire, 
someplace between the nursery rhyme rap and taps, 
Greg leaned into me and told me I was right, 
that he loves it here and wants to come every year.

Thank You God. For making this what it is. 
Only You know my heart this way.
Only You could give these kind of gifts to me. 

site n

Camp NABS,
See you next year!

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