first ride on "the slide"

And the truth is, you were quite comical about it all.

The sign said that you have to be a certain height to go alone.
If not you could go with a parent.

You hemmed and hawed about it. 
Back and forth you went from going to NEVER EVER going!

Finally, you decided we were going.
You checked on the way up to see if you could change your mind anymore.
I assured you not, in no uncertain terms.

You insisted that I reiterate all the slide rules as heard
from the slide attendee at the top.

Finally, we were nearly the last of our row to go, 
but we were off!

It was quick and painless (steep to say the least).
As soon as we stopped you stormed off without me 
of course, remaining in our lane.

You we SO disgruntled. 
Not quietly informing me (and everyone in ear shot)
that you just KNEW you were NOT going to like THAT!
That those people should NOT have BROKEN all the rules
and let someone TOO short ride that scary of a slide. 
I mean "COME ON!" 

It was awesome. So you. 
And everyone who could hear you was cracking up laughing. 

About 25 feet outside of the slide gate 
you turned to the slide, reached out your arm and yelled,
Then you said, 
"I can't wait to go back on that slide the next time!"


Can you say "roller-coaster"? :)




  1. Hilarious!!!!!!! Awesome pics to match his mood! :) Love ya! Pam

  2. I love it! I remember many summers waiting in that line:) Those were some good times. Robin