working hard

A couple of weeks ago you did a little damage 
to some of the living room furniture. 
About twenty poke holes in the leather tops 
of a couple of ottomans to be exact. 

It was just an oblivious moment of innocent kid-stuff gone bad.
No biggie. 

Thanks to Love & Logic, my rehearsed response was very unlike 
what MY natural reaction would have been.

I simply pointed it out, piled on the empathy,
"how sad that our furniture has holes in it now",
and then asked, 
"what are you going to do about it?"

You came up with some really good ideas for a four year old,
including filling the holes with brown glue or putting on new fabric.

In the end the only thing that could work without 
"causing a problem for anyone else on the planet"
was for you to earn money to pay for the two pieces to be replaced.

It's a good experience for you to learn to do work
outside of your usual chores around the house.

We've had the opportunity to talk about taking breaks, 
choosing something you enjoy doing as an incentive 
to reward yourself with when you're done working,
and how to step away from a job to return with an 
"inspectors eye" to double check it before calling it finished.
You have been doing an AWESOME job.

We should have hole-less furniture in no time! :)

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