"Ready, set, GO!" was right. We had no idea what we were in for when we put this house for sale in this market. 

Within 30 minutes of going live the requests for showings started to come in. Within the first hour our Realtor connected with us to get approval for a presentation time and day. Basically, the market is so void of available homes for sale, and enough interest was stirred up over this one, that we were able to write in the contract that on Wednesday, April 12, the sellers (us) would have all offers presented to them at 3:00pm for consideration. 

Since then we have had 30 showings in two days. Frank and Carlos have been at the dog center with Fern. Yuki and the cat have been bumming around with us. We have mostly been at GBASO, our indoor skate place. We have eaten all our meals from restaurants, all our drinks from gas stations, and have only returned home after 9pm to shower, sleep, and be out in the morning again by 9am. 

Today we have less action, because it is our presentation day. We're not sure we won't see a little more than the couple showings scheduled. But we will be gone to Susan's so the house will be available for people. 

Greg is handling the stress really well - mostly of not having a house chosen to buy and move to if this does actually sell today. 

I am not doing the greatest at being content in all circumstances, and have proven to be a spoiled wimp when it comes to the luxuries of having my own home free to use. We've only had to stick it out with some secretary-like work, while doing whatever we want to within reason on account of Yuki and kitty. I really don't do the best under pressure. 

But today is the day! And I'm leaving it all in God's hands. If it's in His timing then we will accept an offer today. if it's not, then we will continue to show - albeit not at such a rigorous, non-stop pace. 

Either way, we are healthy, in good finances, live in an amazing home, have such great friends who love and support us, and above all this, we serve an awesome God who will have His way. 

Thank you, God. Do Your thing. 
In Christ. 

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