Blueberry Lane

When we sold our house two days ago, we didn't have a house to move to. I wasn't too worried. God is good. 

Yesterday morning, as Greg was thinking about and looking for a house in a bit of a rush to get his family a place to live by the end of May, God gave me a great peace. I knew then that the house was there, and that we would know it without a doubt when we saw it. 

I did NOT expect to see it the very same day. I was prepared to wait, patiently and sure. 

Today, I'm overwhelmed.  

I am writing my address again. Writing it down and loving my life there before we've even seen it in person inside. Writing it and crying tears of awe and joy. I am seriously amazed. 

I wondered what the little things would be. 
In this Partridge house there were little things. Things that revealed to me the depth of how God knew my heart, even in the secret places, in things that hadn't ever been fleshed out. Hopes and dreams, ideas and visions, desires and connections to things that were here. 
And the same is happening with Blueberry. 

I will try to keep them in order:

First, the price (134,900), size of home (1,862) and lot (.29 acres), and the rooms (4) drew me to even look. 

Then we saw that is it in our old neighborhood, which we loved. Such a nice area to live. And I know that Greg finds comfort in that. 

Then we found out that every room feels like home, even just in pictures. 

I can see every room refinished, to our hopes and dreams. 

Greg loves it. Which is a hurtle in itself, not to mention that he has a harder time seeing past the surface and envisioning what it will be when we're done with it. He feels that thing he feels when it's right. 

Then we learned that it's on a fairly wooded lot - which I didn't dare want for, knowing we were moving into the city. But with all that is in me I have asked God to consider letting me live in the woods a little bit still. 

We were sad to learn that it is only a one stall garage (which could have been a deal breaker) but relieved to see that there is an extended driveway allowing for another car to park to the right of the garage space. Praise God! 

We learned that the home has water heat like we have at Partridge. This is another thing I did not expect but hoped for, if at all possible. 

Also, most homes with water heat don't have A/C, especially in this price range. So we were surprised and delighted to discover that this home does. 

Although Greg is not a fan of the old refinished hardwood floors, I LOVE them. And while we may change them if he is unhappy with them, I am pleased that they are a great start that will hold up well with our dogs. 

The screened room. The screen room. I don't know what to say. Except that my God loves me so much. 

And if that is a willow tree, which I have ALWAYS wanted, God help me. I might just "weep" in that backyard today.

The partially privacy fenced in large wooded property.

My dream is to not have a basement that we use. We actually saw a house listed last fall that was just on a cement slab, and that idea excited me. When we talked about building I hoped to not have a basement done. I don't want a second or third set of stairs anymore. I don't want the humidifiers, the bugs, the worry of leaking, and the whole business of a basement. Greg has been so hurt by basements and the drama they bring.

Ezekiel was telling me on the way to see this house from the outside that he really wants a basement in the next house. He wants to inhabit it for his own hang out space. I joked that I hoped we could have NO basement and give him his own space somewhere else in the house, even if we had to make a bedroom bigger by combining it with another. 

Last night, after that conversation, Greg and I learned that Blueberry HAS NO BASEMENT.
BUT, it is a bi-level home and has a room on the lower level in front across from the main living area, that would be perfect for Ezekiel to "inhabit". He also hopes to have complete creative control in the decorating and remodeling of this space. Thank You God. 

Greg doesn't mind this detail one bit knowing that I love not having a basement, the laundry is on the main level for me, and there are FOUR bedrooms! 

About those bedrooms... Greg and I will have one, Zeek will have another, Greg will make one his office, and we will have Greg's dream: a spare bedroom for my Mom when she visits! All within the square footage I wanted. WOW. God is good. 

Now for some personal touches...

The number of the address is my Mom and Dad Rick's birth year. And I was just telling someone how many things correlate with my parents and our stuff. How my Mom's dog and husband have the same birthday as my son, specifically... 

And if Blueberry Lane isn't cute enough, or that you have to turn on Mulberry and then Strawberry to get to Blueberry... blueberries happen to be my favorite! I have two blue plastic cups that I fill with blueberries and take in my car to "drink" whenever I buy them. 
Last summer I visited my Dad while I was in NC. He drove up from Georgia to stay with Zeek and I in the city for a few days. It is one of my fondest memories in time. When I climbed into my my Dad's truck I saw that he had his own stash of blueberries right where I carry mine in my truck. I had no idea. He had no idea. It was "our" thing. 

Also, while Zeek and I were driving away from the Blueberry house, we were talking about and checking out the surrounding homes for signs of kids his age. I have been talking to him about praying for God to put him in a place where there are nice kids for him to befriend. Just as we were talking, an adorable young man about Zeek's age comes onto the street walking his two dogs. Glasses, Harry Potter hair... he SMILES AND WAVES at us! I cried a little. 

And this is kind of silly, but I have been saying all the while, that my next house address will be something I don't have to spell out for everyone. I'm tired of that, and I want to be able to just say, "123 Main Street" and get on with it! lol
My new address will be just that. Thank You again. 

All of this that I can recall, and we haven't even been in this house yet! Today at 11:30. I can not wait! 

Dear Amazing God, 
THANK YOU. Only You know how grateful I am, how many ways, and for what. Thank You. 
Have Your way and protect the hearts of anyone else who might want Blueberry. Give them their home too. In Jesus name.

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