all we know for sure is You

Our guys are done with their work at our house. They spent the past three days here, installing new gorgeous windows, repairing and replacing some of the bad siding and molding, running a new drain system to reroute water from the roof away from the house, replacing the soffits and fascia on the shop, installing a new door and frame work... all so kindly and thoroughly. I'm grateful that while we are leaving this house, we do not have to say goodbye to these guys who  have been with us here and done such amazing work on this place. We will definitely be inviting them to do plenty in the next. 

We are showing the house on Monday, and will have either listed or be listing it by then. Just days away! The number of homes coming on the market is growing each day as we're entering the Spring flood. We are hopeful and praying that God shows the way for each step of the process.

We knew what we wanted when we did this with our last house - we were dreaming and longing for this house and property. I was writing this address on papers like a teenager writes her boyfriends name, or a newly engaged woman pens her own first with her soon-to-be last name... 

Dear God, 
As we are in the process of moving, of course, You know every detail of our journey. But Greg and I have NO idea. We don't know anything that will happen! Where we will go, what it will be like, what it will cost, how short or fast it will happen, who we will sell to. All that we know is You. It's surely an adventure! One I wouldn't rather be on with anyone else. One I plan to look back at, full to the brim, in awe of You again. 
Take us there God - where we can have more of You and less of us. Where we can serve You and love Your people. Where we can wrap ourselves up and enjoy the next several years together in this little family You've made of us.
Have Your way.
In Jesus name.

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