Leaving This

It's so strange to sell a house we love. Nothing we've done has changed the feeling that we are ready to move on from here, but I do wonder what it will feel like when we're signing papers, or walking out the door for the final time. Leaving this. 

I've been looking and loving from the perspective that we are just visiting this beautiful place since the start. It's felt like a resort we borrowed or rented. The beautiful rooms, the views, the land. The peace and quiet. The wildlife, sunsets, and sunrises. All this space. It's hard to believe we are leaving this.

I'm taking it all in and enjoying even this season of striping down all that is specific to "us", and preparing it to hand it off to someone else. I'm enjoying the process and trying to work it through my own heart and mind to make for a smoother transition - leaving this. 

God, I pray that You lead us right to a place that has the same elements of appeal for us, in a new and different way. Prepare our hearts. As we delight ourselves in You, give us the desires of our heart. Put Your desires in our hearts. I thank You that You are in every step of this journey, leading and guiding us. Have Your way only! And please, God, help us never look back and long for this place or regret leaving this
In Jesus name. 

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