this just got real

I saw and felt God with me all day yesterday. After having dreams that should have been unsettling, rather to have been at complete peace, even hugging "bad guys" and telling them it would be alright, and waking to the understanding that it was time to start the selling process, things continued to progress in a way that only God could have orchestrated. 

As I shared in the last post, Greg felt led to move forward, and my pre-planned day shaped up to give me time to work on things here, preparing. 

I was blessed in that I did not have the right color paint to touch up the walls around the replaced window in the craft/mud room, and I prayed a added a ridiculous crayola blue to the color I did have - miraculously, this color matched the unique, homemade color I needed, and I was able to use it to touch up the entire room! 

In that same room there is a light that has not worked for 6 years. It comes on once in a great while when we try it, but very rarely. After taking things apart and checking it all to no avail, we've just learned to live without the light. Miraculously, it began to work two days ago. Every single time, from both light switches. Yesterday, when I was sure it is fixed, I asked our guys if they happened to do something with it while they were here. They did not. Praise God for His help. We otherwise would have had to have an electrician here to fix that, like, this weekend! 

There were quite a few other small blessings throughout the day, let alone just feeling and knowing, which hasn't been all that common for me in general. 

This morning it is strange to look around at bare, freshly painted walls. The hallway which used to be a gallery of our memories is just a stark white hallway again. The iron owls who hung in the kitchen are packed away in their moving box. The hanging baskets are gone. Even the chalkboard wall has been painted over. 

Yesterday's work consisted mostly of touch up painting, and tidying things up. Kimmer, our realtor, and I worked hard to get the listing ready. I wrote up the description, which was many characters too long and had to be shortened. Of course. Greg and I read through and signed the agreements, reports, and confirmations to move forward with putting the house on the market. 

Our official listing date will be April 10th. 

And now we have the weekend to enjoy. Greg and I will do a little bit of work outdoors and in the shop; cleaning up, leaf blowing, and cutting a fallen tree in the back. Zeek will go to Uncle Curt's to play with Zach, Sophie, and Elijah. 

Thank You God for making Your presence known to us. Thank You for taking us gently through this process, with time to adjust. Thank You for filling our hearts with peace and understanding, even as we are completely uncertain of the specific details that will pan out. We trust You. We want You. We love you. 
In Jesus name. 

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