From the Pear Tree to the Blueberry

I can't believe I haven't written when so much has happened. It's been a whirlwind! 
We saw the Blueberry house for the first time, PUT IN AN OFFER ON IT within hours, had my mom and dad arrive for their visit, GOT THE ACCEPTED OFFER sooner than expected! Then we saw the Blueberry house with my parents, brother and Peggy for the second time the next morning, 

had Easter, exhausted every possible vision, idea and angle in choosing a design pallet for the Blueberry renovation (to begin in June). We have been mad rushing around to get checks and documentation dropped off to the right places on time, warranties, and rental details squared away, and now that we know the space we will be in, selling and ridding of things that we will not be taking with us on our move. 

We just fell in love on the first showing. We were so surprised how nice it was. In our experience so far we haven't seen any houses who didn't look worse than their pictures eluded to. This house was the opposite. We couldn't believe how nice everything was. The floors, tiled showers, bathroom cabinets and countertops, even the paint on the walls and ceilings has been well done and looks great. 

The yard is so awesome. And the tree is a willow. And I did cry. And so did my realtor. It even has an adorable picturesque wooden swing hanging from a branch. 

My mom knew to tell me every plant on the property - and while I was a little sad to leave my new hydrangea plant behind at the Partridge home, SURPRISE, there are quite a few mature hydrangea plants at my new Blueberry house waiting for me!! 

Glen Schlice was SO kind to join us for the showing, and he did a full hour walk through with Greg, inspecting every single thing, giving us the scoop on just what we were in for. It was all very positive, and we couldn't have been happier with all he shared. 

Zeek was a little scared and bummed at first. He was hoping we would either give him the master bedroom, or let him use the lower level living room as his bedroom. It took him a little time, but he has since come around and is very excited to live in his new house. 

He and I visited the backyard today so I could get a look at the size of the patio (all the concrete there is like new!) We enjoyed the neighbor's bonfire next to us while Zeek read his History lesson to me on the picnic table. It was so nice. I love our new place. And I love how the few people we've shared the news with have seen God so clearly in the start of this journey, and many of them have celebrated in praising His name with us in gratitude and excitement. 

God, You are amazing that You would do all the work to be able to call me someone. The way that you love me, surpassing all the limits and rules of this world just to let me know it's You. Thank you for being here with us. For allowing us to stretch and grow. And most of all for letting us see, feel, hear and know you in each step. Waiting for Your timing yields such a worthy result. Thank You, thank You, thank You. 

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