Inspection Done

Super happy to have this day behind us. I haven't been sleeping as many hours as I need lately because of all the excitement - nor working out as much, or eating as well...

Today we had the Partridge inspection. I knew Mary Jo was coming for it, so I wanted to make sure everything looked nice. Again. So school, making a big pot of soup for my mom, laundry, cleaning, and working out, followed by all the dogs and cat in the car for two hours during dinner... 

I'm grateful now. The house is nice and clean, I washed Frank today too, we all ate (at Moe's and Cold Stone) in the car, and the inspection is done. Check! 

We waved the inspection on the Blueberry house, having had Glen with us for the showing and knowing there was nothing that could have been uncovered that would make us not buy the house. So I'm glad we're that much closer to closing. 

We learned from Kimmer today that closing will probably be sooner than May 31st. She said once all work is ready for the closing they will push it through to a nearer date. That was kind of exciting since we'd heard that it wasn't an option because of all the time the preparation work would take. 

I'm feeling like I'm ready to really relax and sink into the joy in this journey with Greg and Zeek. Greg is getting really excited and can't wait to move to Blueberry. Zeek too. We all are. It's so amazing to me all the ways that God has worked in all of this. 

He is so good. 

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