We have been going to the libraries a lot this week. 
There is a new trial program geared toward preschoolers on Mondays through the month. 

We have also been invited to join our newer friends, Amy (the mom), Madison, and Max (the younger of her four kids) at another library for Wednesdays.

I think we are going to cut out your Tuesday story times for awhile.

On Monday, you got to meet “Froggy” from the books. You aren’t too familiar with that series because I don’t like the way Froggy talks to his parents, so we’ve never really read them.

The great part was your reaction. You really were not having this frog. You looked him up and down in true disbelief, and then you raised your eyebrow at the kids as they believed he was real. 
That is SO like you. 
I love it. =)

You have been coveting the letter “g” on the carpet, and you weren’t about to give it up to go hug some fake frog with the other kids.

You didn’t even want to take a picture with him. 

You seemed disgusted that we were trying to pull this off on you. 

You agreed to take my photo with the frog though. 
I think the other mama’s were a little freaked out when I handed you my camera, and even more so when you handled it with ease. =) 

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