Gra's Here

Gra is here, visiting for the week. She is working days, but was able to attend your third birthday party. We just had a small family gathering and dinner. We probably won’t ever do that again, because you will be old enough to want all your friends over for your birthday. 
It was a good last chance to take advantage of your indifference about it. =)

On Sunday,  Gra and I took you to see The Velveteen Rabbit at the Abot Pennings theater in Depere. It was a children’s theater show and you loved it. =) 

It was so cute and I’m thinking about having you try out for one of the toddler roles for the Christmas play. They are very simple and easy. I’d like you to have a good social, kind-of-on-your-own, activity like that in your life soon. We’ll pray and see.

You were so good today. We cooked together. You were a great listener. We went for a walk, you in your Jeep, of course. We went to your step-it-up toddler time at the library this morning. You were proud to be a new three year old and did things with the group that you were normally too shy to do before.

I’m so proud of you and who you are becoming. You’re so great and neat. My awesome little guy! =)

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