John Muir Park

We found a new park. 
It’s really close to our house, and it reminds me of when I lived in this area as a kid. 

The first home my mom and dad ever bought was actually just about a block from our home now, which is the first house we've ever purchased. 

I imagine this park reminds me of that because I really was “right here” for a time as a child. :)

We have been having picnics at this new park we’ve found.

There are big beautiful old trees with the fall sunlight glistening through the colored leaves. We spread out our green knit blanket and unpack our juices, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit and cookies and we eat together, squinting and giggling and talking about the acorns, pinecones, and changing season…

I love it.

When you were littler, like two summers ago, you loved to swing on a swing. You were kind of a baby then. This year, you wouldn’t go on a swing unless I was holding you and swinging with you.

In this new park, you LOVE to swing. You want me to push you in it over and over again. I have been getting motion sickness from taking so many photos of you swinging. =)

You also love this spiral thing they have where you sit and spin all the way down to the ground.

The first day we found the park I had to go back to the jeep to get something after we set our picnic up. You stayed on the blanket while I walked about 50 yards from you to the parking lot. When I left the jeep to return to you I made up a little fantasy that this was my first day as me. That there was someone walking with me who was introducing me to my life, telling me this was my jeep (and I looked back at is as though I’d never seen it before and smiled that this cute little suv is what I somehow chose to be driving as an adult), telling me about my love for Jesus, our home, my Husband of 8 years and how happy and in love we are… and then, pointing to this perfect little blonde boy sitting at a picnic place waiting for his Mama; waiting for me. and right in that moment I felt SO blessed I could hardly believe it.

We have such a beautiful life.

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