God’s Gift

Your Dad and I planned to buy you a power wheels ride-along battery operated Jeep matching our real one. They are $500 or so and we were going to have the family pitch in toward the cost rather than everyone getting you 100 little gifts to add to your plentiful stash of overflowing toys. :)

Then things came up with our real Jeep needing costly repairs, and as the time came to replace the furnace before winter closed in on us, and the cost of having Nemo taken care of after “the incident” stacked up, we were not feeling so certain about being able to fulfill the remainder of the cost of the Jeep ourselves.

So, we decided to keep a loose eye out for a second-hand Jeep for you, knowing it was unlikely we’d find one. We settled on choosing a couple of other smaller gifts that you would enjoy from us. 

As always, everyone else made sure that you had plenty of other gifts for your Birthday. :)

Well, your Papa Hack and Grandma Louise sent you $50 in your Birthday card to start a fund for a Jeep in the future.

Then yesterday I stumbled upon (thank You God) a power wheels vehicle for sale on Craig’s List…

Long story short, we paid $100 for an awesome, gently used, blue, Power Wheels, two-seater Jeep today!!! =) 
You love it, and we are blessed. 
This was your gift from Jesus, for sure. 
Unbelievable! =)  

you and Afton with Steve in the back seat

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