All right All ready

So it’s time to talk about the house. I haven’t written or talked about it much because I want to stay sensitive of people’s preference to keeping a realistic distance from the dimension of life not everyone succumbs to; the reality of God’s Truth and Spirit.
But I have to remember that his place is ours, and ours alone, essentially. And I have gently spoken to you on this topic already, much less you have been to the house and spoken of it yourself.

You really don’t understand what “moving to the new house” would mean, and that’s all well enough.
God has his hands all over this. He has made it clear what He is doing. And we will follow Him into whatever that looks like, whenever, however, always.

Having said that, we aren’t sleeping well, your Dad and me. I’m pretty sure his issue is similar to mine.

Who can sleep with such excitement and nerves!?

I’m not worried about how this will happen. For all of that I am trusting God.
My waking hours, which are morer than fewer, are about leaving this home we love so much. Our stability and security…all our heart poured out and left behind on the walls and in the air…

Everything we own will be moved.
And everything we know will be different.
For a time.

I’m awake wondering how terrified I might be to move you from less than 10 feet away in the night to the upstairs of a new house you’ve never slept in before… how many feet away?

I’m awake thinking about all the added glass, the high places and lofts, the second and third story balconies and decks…

I’m awake, trying to imagine how having that feels so good and right, but not having this feels so wrong.

I’m following God. Whatever comes.
We’re following Him, together.

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