A Second Look

Now that I’m aware we will be leaving this house I am taking extra note of all the wonderful things about being here.

Not that I’ve never been grateful or aware of being just a mile from walmart (and anything else we want), living on an awesome street with no sidewalks, lots of trees, and great neighbors...

But all of the things I love about this place carry a bittersweet finality these days.

Yesterday, you and I took half of the pinecones we’d picked at our park last week and made the bird feeders we’d planned for them. We did it on the front lawn after I raked and blew the leaves into a huge pile for you on the end of our lot by the road.

As we played and worked Mr. John came over from across the street. He played with you, chatted with me, and then headed back to his yellow house to make homemade pizzas for dinner.

We will miss him, for sure.

Cole came home from daycare with his Daddy, and they came over so Cole could jump in the leaves with you for awhile.
And just when I start thinking of how nice it might be to playdate with this sweet little neighbor guy, we are going to move.

Miss Amy came over to borrow some folding tables. 
We chatted for awhile.
And I couldn't help but think how we love and will miss her and Koola, too.

We flagged down the B's to secure Sarah as a sitter for you when we go out with the F's on Saturday night. I got to chat with her parents for awhile, and the heartstrings get stronger and stronger. 

I hate to even think about not having the S’s on our street!!! =(

And at the same time, how nice it will be to have 2.3 acres for my boy to run and play and climb and explore on. Never to worry about neighbor hood comings and goings.

To invite friends over for play dates, dinners, sleepovers, and parties with bond fires and smores in the country. 
Just think of the wildlife habitats we can set up there! =)

To build stuff with you in the shop, and see your Daddy finally get the motorcycle he's always dreamed of. 

God has so much in store for us, and I’m so excited about it all.
So excited that I can’t even sleep!

Kind of like when I was having a baby. =)

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