Finally, I'm moving along with my photography. I feel like I'm stepping in mud a little, but I guess the best way to grow in this will also be similar to my spiritual journey, as it's always been.

Triggered by "a week behind the lens" on the O channel, which I accidently stumbled across in the nick of time (are there any accidents?)

Nothing specifically "said" what to do. But something happened in watching a day in the life, and interviews with famous photographers...seeing their work and hearing their words.

I realized that this isn't, this doesn't have to be, about product.
In fact, it's never felt like it should be or was meant to be about product for me.  

The "product" I strive to achieve, much of which is edited in, is one perspective. A fun and wonderful way to go about it.
But for me, I've felt my way out in finding my way in. The more I've learned on the technical end, be it from behind the lens or from behind the editing process, the less my heart has soared in a photo or moved through an image. and it's left me empty and sad. but hardly searching. i guess i had just let go and assumed that this was all I had in me anymore.

Now I know there's more for me, yet. There is something in the photographer in me, something from the center of myself that is ready to come out and be free. So I'm removing the walls, and boundaries, and tape, and expectations, and product mentality...
for a good while i am only going to shoot with my heart and my eye. and what comes of this is what will be. dark. light. sharp. blurred. contrasting. dull. simple. complex. ugly. beautiful. real. true. and honest.

I'm SO ready for this right now.
Thank You God for bringing this about.
Be Glorified.