Bouncing into the Unexpected

Today, we were invited out with some friends of ours. 
We spontaneously agreed, and they picked us up 
when you were done with school. 

We went to a bouncy house place in town. 
We planned to just let you and your friend bounce 
until you were ready to fall over, pile you back in the car, 
and take you home to dinner and your beds. 

What actually happened was quite a surprise. 

The place was nearly empty. 
There were only a couple of other families there. 
After we had been there for a little time, you and your friends 
brought over fists full of coins for the games you weren't playing. 
We advised you to find the owner and return them. 
So you did. 

When you found who owned the coins and tried to return them, 
the owner told you to keep them. 

You were so excited. 
So you played your first game and hit the jackpot, 
winning 100 tickets right off the bat!!! :) 
You were thrilled. 

Your friends rode on rides, while you continued on your hot streak. 
You won A LOT of tickets in the few games you played.

The family who gave you the coins came over 
and offered you ANOTHER roll, 
saying they were leaving and wouldn't use them. 

You accepted gratefully, and THEN, 
they pointed at a MOTHER LOAD of tickets in the middle of their table 
and told you their son was only 1 yr. old and wouldn't need them. 

We talked about what a great lesson this was in honesty. 
How you would have never been so blessed as you were 
if you had snuck those found tokens and played them on the sly. 

As the family was leaving I realized who they were. 
The Jones', as in Green Bay Packer, wide receiver, JAMES JONES. :) 
I was only sorry that I couldn't tell you until it was too late
-you were being spoiled by a Packer Player. 

(art off internet)

Well, just after I utter the words into you ear and your eyes lit up, 
in walked AJ Hawk, and Mason Crosby, with their families in tow. 

They didn't spoil you. 
But it was kind of a wild and unexpected afternoon of 
playing with the Packers' kids at the bouncy house.

You ended up with a tally of 1021 tickets. 

The three of you went home with a total of about $3.50 worth of prizes. :) 
But it was the fun of it that made it all special. 

I'm sure we'll be doing it again soon enough... 
however, probably not with same star studded itinerary. :)

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  1. THAT was quite the fun story! How cool was all of that! Glad you were able to do that and learn that and know that :)