Today it was beautiful outside. The sun wasn't showing, but the temps were perfect. We started out early with some outdoor play time, just like yesterday morning. We didn't go exploring in the woods, but we enjoyed the front yard with the pups for awhile before we got to business. 

You struggled with staying on task a little bit for school today. I felt bad for you, missing all the nice weather. So, I stepped out to do some leaf blowing, and then you and I resumed school on the deck, with the dogs. 

You finally finished at 2:10pm. Quite a bit later than usual for you.

You emptied the dishwasher and put you clean clothes away in your closet. When I came up to see how you were doing, you had a bunch of your cat magazines spread out on your bed. You said you were creating a special cat room for your cat, and you would like to bring her in for the winter. 

My first reaction was to say no, but then I realized this isn't a bad idea at all. The screen room she lives in now is about the same size as your bedroom, and the winter won't be as fun to be outside as the rest of the year is for her. 
We're working out the arrangement, and we'll see how it goes. 

Tonight, you and I rented Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 on Vudu. It was cute. Now you are playing a little "Joy Ride", a cool xbox360 game you found when you went on your search for God honoring video games last week. :) 

In about 20 minutes you will have to start your evening routine. 

It usually takes you between 15 and 20 minutes to get ready for bed. You put on pjs, brush your teeth (you still set the timer on the kitchen stove for 3 minutes), then you have a glass of water, go potty, and extensively wash your hands. You finish up with some lotion on your hands and a good night hug and kiss for your Daddy. 

THEN, we tac on another 30 minutes for me to go up to your room with you and read whatever school story we have delegated to save for bedtime. This week is was "Sarah Noble" and the three chapters of "American Patriots and Pioneers". 
Then, we do your "Little Visits with God" devotion, pray, snuggle, and FINALLY, I get to return to your Dad for our evening together. 

Just one word for all of this comes to mind as I look at it all "on paper":



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