Cat Room

Today, we got your bedroom ready for your cat. 
Although, we're not completely finished, we were able 
to bring her inside and get her settled in her new place. 

Your Dad and I fixed some of the things that were not working right 
-namely, your closet doors and the rods of your curtains. 

Then you and I cleaned up and organized things. 
We changed your closet around so we could put your drawers 
of toys, paper work, and legos out of the way, inside. 

Then we took your tiny table and chairs set 
(that you don't even fit in anymore) down to storage. 

We took out some of the posters from your Cat Magazines 
and put them up on the walls, 
brought in a new short bookshelf/end table, 
moved your hamster to the toy room, 
and brought in Mea's things. 

There is no way we would have agreed to this if it weren't for 
Mea's amazing, fully self cleaning, odorless cat box. 

We also bought her a couple new toys 
and are looking into getting her a cat condo 
(which you have wanted since we first adopted her)

I made a little canopy corner over your bed to put all your stuffed cats in. 
It's kind of like a little fort for you, and I think Mea likes it too. 
She lays on your pillow right under it, as if she knows it's the safest place. 

Of course, once she was in your room 
we didn't see you for the rest of the evening. 
You ate dinner in your room, 
and watched a couple of shows on your iPad with her in bed.

I'm amazed at how cuddly and approachable she is. 
When I read to you tonight, she actually came up and laid right 
above your head, put her paws around you, and PURRED! 

I don't know who's happier, you or Mea. 

Apparently, the way to make an independent cat want you 
is to have it live outside in the screen room for six months, 
then bring it back into the house when it starts to get cold. :) 

I'm so happy for you, both.

P.S. This is your dream cat condo:

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