Foggy Morning Fun

Yesterday, I changed my facebook profile picture to this old photo of you:

Gra liked it so much and commented asking if it was a recent picture. 
I had to look it up to find out exactly when it was taken, 
but even I was surprised to learn that you were just 
two years and some months old! 

I remember that morning well. We lived in the city. 
We woke up to a beautiful sunrise in fog. 
I threw on your clothes and took you outside 
to shoot some photos of your cuteness. 

Oddly enough, we woke up this morning to another beautiful sunrise fog. 
You and I took the dogs outside to play and get some photos.

We spent almost an hour playing in the woods, 

riding the tire swing, 

(this was your face and you scoot along avoiding a spider)

hiking and exploring in the fog. 

Frank and Apple loved it. 

Apple showed Frank around the woods.

She ran circles around us, and he did what he loves most...

chewed on sticks. 

(you look just like your Dad when he was your age)

It was a fun hour or so before we got into our day of school. 
I enjoyed being with you and our pups having fun together in our woods. :)

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  1. LIKE! I actually remembered that foggy day you were talking about and seeing those pictures at that time. I like the new ones, especially the spider avoiding one!
    Love Gra