Michael Surprise

Today, we set up a little desk station and you did school in your room by your gata, of course. :)

It was kind of peaceful for me. You keep your door closed so the cat can't get out and no dogs come in.

I would bring up a class, go over the materials/directions/lesson with you. Then I would tell you how long it would be before your next class would start. You knew that if you finished before the time was up, you could have a break to play with Mea.

This worked great because usually I wait for you to finish, and then we move on. But sometimes you will take your sweet sweet time (messing around) before you finish.
Today, you not only had incentive to finish, but I didn't suffer with you if you didn't. We called any left over work "homework". That made you feel special since there is no such thing in your world (or rather, it is ALL "home"work)  :)

After school, we went to your counseling appointment. While you were in your session, Aunt Kim, Nanna, Puppa and Michael showed up for Michael's own appointment with a different counselor. We didn't even know Michael went to the same place we do! When you were each done, you and Michael asked if you could stay together. I let you go home with Nanna and Puppa, and I went to visit Gigi.

Puppa brought you back home at about 7pm. You said that you and Michael played football and scored a 60 to 60 tie. And that you ate a floppy noodle casserole with meat, apple sauce, bread, butter, milk, an ice cream cone, a fruit roll up, some doritoes... seriously. You put DOWN at your Nanna's house! We need to bring her some FOOD! :)

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