Your First Trail Ride

With all this puppy action we have spent zero time with Gwin this week.
So, when I stepped outside with Frank for his potty break
and felt the warm sun beating on my face,
I thought, "what better time than now?"

I also decided that it was high time I start letting you
ride Gwin outside of the round pen.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a real camera with me. 
But I was grateful to at least have my cell phone to take pictures with.

You were SO adorable.

Of course I couldn't leave you head off onto the trails, and woods, and fields alone. 
We saddled her, and wore her rope harness over her bridal and bit.

You had a set of the rope reigns on the bit,
and I had a small lead rope under her chin on the rope harness.

You mounted and I walked her across the street and through about half the trails.

Then you rode her all around by yourself in one of the fields.

You did really well.

At one point, you asked me if there was anything I would rather be doing more.
I didn't know why you asked, but I was actually wondering to God at that very moment
if there has ever been anything in my life that has brought me more joy than 
enjoying His sunlit creation, walking in an open field 
next to my horse, and my amazing little boy learning to love and ride? 

I told you honestly, "Nothing."

And on the return ride I did not lead you. You drove.

It was SO cute seeing you in your little cow boots, jeans, and camo hoodie, 
sitting in your little western saddle, reigning Gwin.

I'm so proud of you.
There's no way to explain what it's like to own, love,
and grow with a horse.
It's an absolutely incredible, irreplaceable, priceless gift.
And I'm so glad you get to experience it for yourself.

After the ride we worked together to sweep up the barn and paddock.
I could tell you enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment.

It was an awesome afternoon.

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