Franklin Digory

Oh my! He's fantastic.

He has SO much character!

He's full of so much personality, 
gumption, fearless-caution, sweet cuddly lovingness, 
spurts of high energy countered with hours of log-like sleeping...

He is SO sweet. 

He lays on the wood floor instead of on rugs, blankets or dog beds 
(like he knows he'll be big one day). 
He loves EVERYONE. The dogs, the cat and the people.

He is not particularly careful in his surrounding, 
but very careful with hearts.

He's quite smart for his age.

He's very good about going potty outside. 
He already whines at the door! 
He's only whined to go outside and when left alone... 
and that actually sounds more like a velociraptor. :)

He shines for the camera, 

follows everyone's footsteps, 

and does NOT like being left completely alone, yet. 

Not to worry. No one cares to leave him alone.

He doesn't like his sling. 
He's warm, and he knows what will be cool and 
what it going to be stuffy and hot.

He loves Apple, who thinks he's her baby. 

He and Yuki are... taking their time. 
Yuki plays when he asks, but runs away when he wants to cuddle. 

They are both successfully sleeping in our bed.

Frank's first night, he slept halfway before he had to go potty outside. 
Then he slept until morning again. 
Last night, he slept THROUGH the night! :) 

We're having tons of fun enjoying the new "baby" of the house. 

The cuteness never ends.
(ps: this was on the ride home. 
otherwise he has never been closed into his kennel) 

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