A Yelling Teacher is No Fun

Not two weeks into school and I have a monster of a cold, no voice, and a low tolerance. This is a part of homeschooling I remember and do not like. Being stuck in the same space with someone who loves you and can and will forgive you for being a total jerk when you're not up to being nice for one reason or another. Such a bad example, and a poor way to encourage a positive learning experience filled with happy memories. Sometimes, I really suck at being patient and kind. 

I'm going to devise a plan for this year. Something that will motivate, no MAKE me chose my words and tone wisely. 

I expect respect - I should display it as well. 

I wouldn't want my son to grow up and treat anyone poorly or unfairly or harshly, just because he's in a bad mood, sick, or at his end. 

I preach that we are gifted with self-control so we should use it - I need to use it myself

So, from now on, I'm going to start my day out in devotion to God FIRST. I am going to post helpful scriptures around our classroom. And from this moment forward, if I get harsh, loud, or even off on a lecturing tangent, I am going to write, 10 times, a scripture correlating to my issue.

So that's that. I have read this to Zeek and given him permission to call me on this if or when it is happening. 

I am committing to a year of no yelling, no harsh or stern lecturing, no down talking or rudeness from this teacher. If I have to change gears, face the wall, walk out of the room to control myself… I am going to do what I need to do. 

I want to look back on this year without regrets about my behavior on bad days. 

The End. 

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