where we belong

I love to homeschool.

Well, really, to teach and to learn.

It's odd that the past year was so good. How it didn't even hurt that nothing was anymore as we were so accustomed to in our lifestyle of togetherness and homeschooling before.

But now that we're back to what I can't help but refer to as "our real life", everything feels so righted. As if we were off our rails, even though we weren't recognizing it as any kind of struggle.
And now, were right on. Exactly where we belong. Everything, all day and all night, and even into the weekends, just fits and works so well when we are a homeschooling family.

I don't judge other people for what they chose is best for their families and their lives. But I do secretly hurt a little for what they are missing out on. Probably close to the way a mom who has more than one child might secretly hurt for what she knows I am missing, while I'm none the wiser.

I'm grateful that God called us to this. And just as much so that He called us out of it for our year of Public School. It was good for us in so many ways. This refreshing start is amazing, after a year away and a new perspective on schooling, socialization, organized activities, family time, and even gratitude for the honor of having this opportunity together.

It's strange how different we are this year, and yet how easily we are slipping back into what we've always been.

Love it.
Like breathing after agreeing to and getting comfortable hardly being able to breathe.

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