Ice Skating

I think we may have found another homeschool group activity,
and possibly your winter sport to begin after football season. 

A few years ago you expressed an interest in taking ice lessons.
This year you have enjoyed rollerblading, 
so I decided we would join in on the free-skating opportunity 
offered by our local homeschool group. 

You loved it. We both actually had a great time.
During the once a week scheduled hour and a half, 
you have the option of free-skating with friends or taking lessons.

For now, we will skate together with the other kids. 
But when football is up, you might choose to take lessons for awhile,
and I'll sit in the warm room and watch you - 
maybe get to know some of the other moms. 

Whatever we decide, this will surely always give us a great 
reason to catch some yummy ice cream on our way back home. 

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