First Day of Fifth Grade

You started your new morning routine of feeding the dogs,
getting dresses, eating and brushing your teeth before school.

We had delicious gluten free funfetti pancakes with yogurt, applesauce, and OJ.

Then we took first day of school pics…

which, of course, you had to have the Pug in. 
You called her your homeschool mascot.
She was confused at best.

The school day was short - just an intro to the year
and a couple of classes. 

The space is perfect, and the pets gravitated to us 
the whole morning. 

I loved the way you moved around comfortably, 
reading and doing work where ever you wanted. 

The day went well, and I can't wait to be in the full swing of 
all classes each day!  

We can pretend all day that a "first day of school" ice cream tradition
is what we were complying with when we got ours at about noon.
But being honest, daily ice cream is the real tradition we are 
struggling with this year. :)

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