WLS & Your Annual Photos

Today, we took the morning off of school and went to the WLS. 
It's been awhile.

My hope was to sneak in your yearly photos 
without you feeling like THAT is what we were after. 

You went along with it.

Halfway through our walk and session, you asked if you could have the camera.
I was glad to hand it over, in hopes that your desire for photography would be reignited.

What I didn't expect, was that you were planning on photographing me!

And what I really didn't expect, was for the photos to be so nice.
I figured I would check the lighting and composition on them, 
to get a feel for what your work looks like these days, 
then delete the over 50 photos you snapped that morning 
on the little bridge at the WLS. 

But when I started to go through them, and I saw myself
in a way that I might have never allowed someone to take my picture - 
I was glad to be able to keep them ALL!

Even the silly ones.

You did a great job making your Mama feel comfortable enough
to show her true colors in front of your camera, son.

Then it was back to you...

We took this photo in the same spot we've taken it a couple of times
over the years.

And you did get to feed the ducks and see all the birds and animals 
as you'd hoped to.

I love the freedom that homeschool provides us to 
make room for a memorable morning like this.

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