Homeschoolin' w/ Daddy

This year, your Dad has joined forces with us to make your 
school experience a little more awesome, and a lot more family.

For one, he's added "FaceTime Facts w/ Daddy".

Everyday, we keep my cell phone near for the ringing
of his FaceTime call at random.

You find a cozy spot to listen, as your Dad reads you 
some fun facts he's researched online pertaining to your interests or studies. 
We LOVE FaceTime Facts w/ Daddy. 

Along with his behind the scenes prayers, input and help
choosing what programs and curriculum we will use, 
he has added and is instructing your all time favorite class…

You are learning the coding language Java,
using one of your favorite video games, MineCraft. 

The two of you enjoy this course together. 
You never want to quit once you get started, 
and are pushing two to three hours in this "Technology" class each week.

Quality time with Daddy - win. 
Learning to create your own video games & code in a your first language of programing - win. 
Giving Mom some free time while Daddy does the teaching for awhile - win, win! 
I'm 100% sure there are no complaints from ANYONE in this front. 

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